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Lauren  is the director of the newly formed Queensland Voice Academy. The Queensland Voice Academy is a new initiative that focuses on young singers learning correct singing technique and gaining the confidence for a successful career in music. 
At the Queensland Voice Academy we specialise in private and group voice lessons for the beginner and intermediate student. We are committed to working with students of all levels (and ages) to help them learn a healthy, safe vocal technique. Our teachers are professionally trained singers with a thorough pedagogical understanding of vocal techniques.
A key focus of lessons is confidence!! We want the very best for you and are committed to helping you achieve your goals, in a positive relaxed environment. Throughout the year there are a number of performance opportunities for students and no matter where you are in your vocal journey we encourage everyone to get up and have a go! 
Mummy & Me
Mummy & Me classes are for the tiny tots who love music! These classes run for 45 minutes and bubs will sing and play through the wonderful world of music. Classes include games, songs, dance and playing of musical instruments with a focus on learning pitch, rhythm and foundational music reading skills. We invite mums (and dads) to join in the fun for the class!
Mini Diva’s (Age 4-6) 
Mini Diva’s is a class for kindergarten and prep aged students. These classes run for 45 minutes and kids will sing and play to learn the fundamentals of music and singing technique. Classes will focus on intonation, breathing and music reading skills, in the most fun music class ever!
Group Voice Lessons
Singing solo can be quite intimidating for the new student, group lessons are a great way to ease students and to gain confidence as they learn to sing. Students will learn all the technical aspects of singing and work towards completing AMEB exams. Students may enrol as a preorganised group or students will be arranged by age.
Private Voice Lessons
Students will work one on one with a professional singing teacher to work towards the students singing goals. Lessons will be tailored to suit each student’s specific needs as we understand everyone is at different stages in their singing journey. Private lessons ensure students receive the best training possible tailored to rouse individuality of style. Students will have the opportunity to work towards AMEB exams and offered performance opportunities throughout the year.

Join us!

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